Our Writers

Jennifer Odera

Jennifer Odera is the founder of T&Co. a tea subscription that curates tea experiences inspired by the vibrant cultures from the countries of origin of premium loose leaf teas. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California and calls Kenya home. She is a graduate student with a Masters of Business Administration from Babson College, Massachusetts and is passionate about culture, entrepreneurship and the art of storytelling.

Kay Lenga

Kay Lenga is a Belgian born Congolese woman, whose many interests include visual arts, music, edifying conversations, entrepreneurship and macarons.

Marianne Mesfin

Marianne is an Ethiopian, born in Uganda and raised in Rwanda. She has a degree in Gender Studies and International Relations from the University of British Columbia in Canada. Being a passionate feminist and Pan-Africanist, Marianne hopes to put her passion to work while being a part of her continent’s growth. She loves reading and is particularly drawn to contemporary African literature for its unique ability to make her feel like her story is being told.

Mayada Serageldin

Mayada Serageldin is a third-culture kid who is a humanitarian relief worker, a promoter of human rights and a storyteller. After completing her MA in International Human Rights Law, she worked with refugees for three years, and is now working on irregular migration and counter-trafficking. Mayada is an African voice from Egypt.

Mwango Moragia

Mwango Moragia is a Kenyan born and raised woman who is currently based in Vancouver, Canada. She has a deep love for food, fulfilling conversations and comfortable silences. She especially enjoys mood music as she completes her DIY projects on Sunday afternoons.

Taiyana Chao

A passionate historian and computer scientist, Tayiana Chao is enthusiastic about using technology to document and preserve heritage and culture. Starting off with her blog TheeAgora (www.theeagora.com) and going on to do major country wide projects such as Save The Railway (www.savetherailway.com) , her passion for history and technology has driven her to seek out innovative ways in which technology is changing the cultural landscape. She is currently pursuing an MSc in International Heritage Visualisation and has dreams of one day establishing and growing her own digital heritage company (www.africandigitalheritage.com).

Mona Bassel

Mona Bassel is a freelance writer and editor currently residing in Cairo, Egypt. She claims to be able to write almost anything –except for a proper bio. When she’s not being a grammar freak and correcting people left and right, she’s either searching for a good burger or cuddling with her feline muse, Mickey.

Nelly Ky

Hailing from Burkina Faso, Ouagadougou, Nelly Ky is currently in her last year of undergraduate studies, completing a double major in Political Science and International Relations. She is passionate about African countries’ political economies and has recently developed a keen interest in the African Union and its projects towards sustainable development in Africa, especially targeting women social economic development.

Taaka Odera

Taaka Odera is a Kenyan aspiring writer and is interested in most topics anthropological. She is passionate about telling stories and having all stories heard.