Write for Of Africa!

Of Africa is looking for young women Of Africa who want to improve their narrative writing, interviewing skills and other forms of writing and editing. We take amateur writers and editors through the processes of improving their craft and then publish their work!

About us

Of Africa is a platform where we celebrate women Of Africa while fostering editorial talent. This means that we uplift the stories of women who are actively changing the world and their circumstances, sometimes quietly and incrementally and other times boldly and out loud, that otherwise may not be acknowledged. While doing so, we are cognizant of the importance of communities being able to tell their own stories, as such we purposefully work with budding writers and editors in order to help them build and improve on their skillset.

About the submissions:

Applicant: Any young woman (16 to 35 years old) of African descent

Entry Fee: $0

Content type: Think pieces, Interviews, Reviews as well as short stories, poetry, and photography

Prize: Mentorship and Publication

Deadline: Rolling Submissions

Genre: Nonfiction and Fiction

If you are interested in writing for us, email us at or direct message us on our social media (@OfAfricaMag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Please include your age, your location and your cultural heritage. If you are interested in conducting interviews for us, we may ask for examples of your writing before connecting you with interview subjects.