Letter From the Editor: Innovation1 minute read

Welcome back to Of Africa!

With our new and improved website we are ready to kick off our second season and explore our new theme, ‘Innovation’. Join us as we highlight and celebrate innovative women of African descent who are thoughtful trailblazers creatively contributing across the globe in ways that challenge and inspire us all.

We start with Joy Richu, a Kenyan writer, producer and filmmaker whose stop-motion animation ‘Above Ground’ encapsulates the essence of innovation. ‘Above Ground’ is a visual translation of African oral storytelling, folklore and magic realism. By combining her moving images with a soundscape Joy Richu has found a new way of telling a story while incorporating old techniques.

Joy Richu while making ‘Above Ground’

There are countless projects, products and stories with women Of Africa behind them that need to be shared and appreciated and we invite you to help us uncover them by using our hashtags for the season #CelebrateWomenOfAfrica #Innovation #OfAfricaMag.

Join Us.

Julia Chanda Zvobgo 

Founder/Editor-in-Chief, Of Africa



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Julia Chanda Zvobgo is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of ‘Of Africa’. She was born in Zimbabwe and raised in The Netherlands. As an Afropean she is always looking for new and creative ways to “make the invisible, visible”. She is a co-founder and a member of 'ethnovision' a collective of visual anthropologists and filmmakers. Julia also volunteers as the Director of Communications & Development for Tariro House of Hope, an NGO that transforms the lives of children and their communities in Zimbabwe.