Reasons why we write as women Of Africa1 minute read

You may be aware that Of Africa writers have a Facebook group where we share information about writing competitions and award opportunities, discuss issues that are important to us, and lift each other up by sharing the words of other women writers. What you may not be aware of, is how vital the community is to us. As women Of Africa who write, most of us have other jobs that bring in the bacon. We don’t all write for the same reason. But we do all need to see that individual reason reflected back to us by women who have come before us.

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Naliaka Odera is a freelance writer, editor and social media consultant. She is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of ‘Of Africa’, an online platform that celebrates women of African descent while fostering editorial talent. She is a proud Kenyan who has lived in Belgium, Canada and Thailand. While in Canada, she earned a BA at the University of British Columbia. She has an ongoing love affair with words and loves great conversations as well as all genres of literature. Her writing can be found at Through Of Africa and her consultation, she stresses the importance of people learning vital communication skills to be able to speak for themselves.