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I moved to Harare, Zimbabwe, in March 2016 after my husband was transferred for work. It was a huge cultural change having been in Eastern Africa for eighteen years, where Swahili was spoken in the two countries I had previously stayed in. There was a whole different culture to learn, from the language to the food and even something as simple as getting my way around. The places highlighted below are a home away from home, where I get a sense of peace and an appreciation for nature and culture.

DonnyBrook Raceway

DonnyBrook is a raceway for motoring enthusiasts and a good place to hang out with both family and friends. It provides outdoor activities for motocross riders who have a special race track to suit their style, as well as a race track for cars that is tarred. And just enough space for those who simply want to show off their vintage cars.

The sounds of the roaring engines and the cheering crowd is just so entertaining! My first time going there, I did not know what to expect, but now I am conditioned to the extent that upon hearing the name “Donnybrook”, I imagine the loud engines that ignites an adrenaline rush in me.

Pamuzinda Lodge

Only an hour drive from Harare, Pamuzinda is definitely worth visiting, whether to rejuvenate or simply for a weekend get-away. It is situated on the banks of Serui River and surrounded by acres of land filled with natural vegetation, housing animals that make a perfect game tour. Riding on a horse while viewing the game is my personal favorite activity, watching the Zebras, wild beasts, elephants and not forgetting the escort of Jasmine the giraffe.

The breathtaking scenery under the setting sun is definitely something not to miss, dressed in every shade of orange and red mixed together could make one want to hold it from disappearing as it welcomes the night.

For many, not having a phone signal or an internet connection may be a frustration, but for me, it’s a chance to unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of the busy city life.

Domboshava Caves and Hill

Domboshava Caves and Hill is a granite hill on the outskirts of Harare, perfect place for a picnic, taking a self-guided relaxed walk or hike or simply to watch the beautiful sunset and a magnificent 360° view of the surrounding side. Even after visiting for the second time, the experience is always like never before, exciting and refreshing.

Between the ancient San rock art and geographical formations, the hill covered with lichen, colouring it so beautifully in yellow, orange and green, the flowing streams and pools made during the rainy season,  and the amazing view of Harare and stretch of untouched land, it creates a perfect photo.

Having lived in Harare for more than two years now, I have come to appreciate the friendly people. Despite having settled in, I still don’t feel like it’s home but I am a happy resident and hoping to fully blend in as I strive to learn the Shona language.

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M'thunzi Mwanza-Madaba currently lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. She was born in Zambia, but moved to Tanzania in 1998 and later Kenya where she spent her teens and early adulthood. While in Tanzania, she pursued a career in social work and worked as an ECD practitioner. Today she uses her extensive background in social development to assist vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe.