Three of my favourite places in Accra, my city2 minute read

Ghana is such a beautiful country with so many favourite places to share across it’s ten regions. Since I mostly spend time in Tema and Accra ( the capital city); here are three places I want to share. 


A local Ghanaian will tell you three things about Osu, “chale it is very busy, it is fun and you can experience the Ghanaian culture here”. From the Ghana flags and jerseys on sale to the queues for food at Papaye to the loud street music from a corner store, Osu remains buzzing on a daily basis. Every visitor to Accra who wants to leave Ghana with gifts, souvenirs, feel the energy, sample the culture and vibrancy is likely to go to Osu. Here, you will find many vendors selling all things Ghana, from paintings, to jewellery to T-shirts and customized keychains on the streets. The great thing here is you can bargain with so many vendors until you get the best price. There are also many great places to eat authentic Ghanaian food, such as my personal favourite BUKA; or to have a good smoothie, coconut juice or an ice cream with meat pie, if you want a quick bite.

Legon Botanical Garden

The Legon Botanical Garden is a great hang out place for all- from those who just want to take in the beauty of nature to those who want to be adventurous. There is a children’s playground, a ropes course, a canopy walk, a bird watching activity  and opportunities to ride a canoe. Many friends of mine have visited this place and loved it and I am looking forward to finally visiting it soon.

Labadi Beach


If you are looking for a day or night of relaxation with horse riding,  a drink with khebabs and just watching the sunset or musical performances; Labadi beach is a good place to hang. Although it often gets super busy, the great view, entertainment and hospitable people around makes up for it. If you do stay late into the night, you will absolutely love the serene environment and great live music that ushers in. 

My bonus travel advice for Accra is to visit some of the national monuments. A person who is more into the history of Ghana is welcome to visit the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum, named after Ghana’s first president. The memorial site in his honour is both inspiring , aesthetic and a good place to visit to know more about the First President of Ghana. I do however pass by the Independence Arch often and the monument reminds me, like many, of Ghana’s journey to independence  and its bold black star to keep the pride and flags of Ghana rising each day. 

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Reggie Nyamekye is a part time editor for of ‘Of Africa’ and lives in Ghana. She is an advocate, poet, photographer, storyteller, a dreamer, a lover of humanitarian causes and Reggie will easily join any movement that exists to impact, empower and do better for society.