Top 5 Instagram Accounts Tackling Homeland and African Identity2 minute read

There are a few people of African descent that have taken advantage of the photo sharing platform Instagram to showcase and highlight the diversity and talent that exists within the continent and painting a different picture of what homeland could mean. These are a few of my favourites:

  1. EverydayAfrica has about 319, 000 followers.  It is run by “photographers living and working in Africa” literally telling stories of everyday African situations and people– whether it is of fishermen or businessmen – there is a relatable, truthful or intriguing story that is shared.
  1. African_Cuisine, with about 60, 700 followers, promotes cuisine from various African cultures. And exciting food is what the Continent is known for. You will find inspirational cooking ideas on this page.
  1. SheLeadsAfrica, with about 49, 600 followers, highlights “inspiration and opportunities for women”. It gives a voice to many African woman at the prospects of being leaders on the Continent.
  1. Ashesi has about 8,503 followers and features photos of “people, life, events” at the Ashesi University in Ghana. Ashesi is one of the best universities presently on the Continent, that celebrates the diversity of its African students, leadership, ambition, mission to serve agenda and entrepreneurship. Pictures from this Ghanaian university brings a beam of hope to the Continent, knowing you can be educated back at home and still excel just as much or even more than students who go outside the continent to study. The president and founder of Ashesi, Swarthmore University educated Patrick Awuah who returned to Ghana, says “Ashesi exists to contribute to a renaissance in Africa by educating a new generation of ethical, entrepreneurial leaders with the critical thinking and ethical courage it will take to transform their Continent.”
  1. Alueducation has about 4, 413 followers and is on a “mission to empower Africa’s greatest untapped resource, its youth through education.” The African Leadership University located in Mauritius is a university for the brightest, boldest and brilliant minded youth of our generation. Their learning models, ideas and activities from their university, will inspire many to believe in the Continent’s potential. Fred Swaniker, born in Ghana is a “serial entrepreneur with a Pan-African Vision. He is deeply passionate about Africa and is on a mission to reimagine education and build a network of leaders in Africa.”




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Reggie Nyamekye is a part time editor for of ‘Of Africa’ and lives in Ghana. She is an advocate, poet, photographer, storyteller, a dreamer, a lover of humanitarian causes and Reggie will easily join any movement that exists to impact, empower and do better for society.