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Its summer in Montreal, and Montrealers all over treasure our 100 days of summer. I love to go out with my books and find spaces to read, eat and create in the sun. I have called Montreal home for the past four years and being here, I have discovered so many amazing spaces and I am excited to give you a rundown of my top three favourite places in Montreal. 

Saint Paul Street 

CC Flickr/ Tony Webster

One of the things that make Montreal an amazing city is her architecture. The beautiful skylines and edifices can make you feel like you are in New York in one moment then an old English medieval city in the next.

The renowned European atmosphere of Montreal is fully present on Saint Paul street. From the cobblestones and the horse drawn carriages that pass you by as you sip of your boreal tea on one of the beautiful terraces.

The street is not too long making it perfect to take a walk and take in the architecture and sample at least two or three restaurants and if you’re lucky you may catch a glimpse of a movie in production. Whenever I feel too overwhelmed a simple stroll down Saint Paul street always seems to calm me down.

BANQ, GRANDE BIBLIOTHEQUE  – Montreal Public Library

CC Flickr/The West End

Regardless of the season, the public library in Montreal continues to be my favourite place to come and read and sometimes just breathe. The collection of books never ceases to amaze me, from old literature to the latest best-sellers, you can find just about any kind of book in here.

The library has so many spaces to read. On the ground floor, you can have a coffee and a bagel as you read and even a conversation with a friend. Since I often go alone, I can be found in the rare books section, at the back behind all the vintage books squeezed in a little nook lost in a book.

To me, there is something so special about being surrounded by rare and antique books I feel like I am entering a time capsule and going into an era before smartphones and social media. I enjoy the disconnection that comes from getting lost in a book – I cherish the chance to indulge and disappear.

Le Plateau, Old Montreal

CC WikiCommons/ Chicoutimi

If you have ever wanted to know what it is like living on the pages of a hipster magazine – Le Plateau is the place. I love the atmosphere that the artists living in this area have created, often times I get cozy in one of the pithy cafes and discover a host of Montreal delicacies, my favourite being poutine. Other times in Le Plateau, I like to sit on a quiet bench and people watch, giving imaginary stories to the people as they go about their business.  

As you walk through the little alleyways and streets the air is filled with jazzy tunes and the smell of brewing coffee. The houses are brightly colored and there are murals and graffiti on the side of every other building and it may read like its too busy but the art blends in so well with everything around it, the energy that has been created in that space is everything an artist lives for, music, laughter, craft beers, and art.

My heart finds a home in Le Plateau.

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Rosie Awori was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya. Immediately after obtaining her bachelor’s in law, she moved to Montreal where she has been living for the past four years. It was here she found therapy in writing and she studied script writing for film and T.V and hopes to one day see one of her scripts on the big screen. When she isn’t eating cheesecake or fighting crime she is working as a journalist for the Montreal Community Contact. She recently published her first book, a collection of poetic musings titled, It Is Written.